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UX/UI Designer


Asset 16

Web Developer

Head Art & Designer


Copy Writer

Content Editor



Account Executive


Project co & AE

Head Backend Developer


Web supp. & Social media


Our website Trusol.co was completed by Digihype. They have done fantastic job for us both in term of graphic design and SEO techniques. Digihype has a thorough understanding of how the SEO works on the website platform. That helps us create our strong based website that can apply to new methods of technology crafted by google as well as others key players.
Teerawat Thamvaranont
Trusolbathware Co., Ltd.
We started making online presence on Facebook Page years ago and recently needed to make more solid online presence to gain more data and customer insights for analyzing new customer behaviour and matching the way potential customers do their search. Digihype tremendously helped us create our website from the scratch, provided creative ideas on the look and feel of the pages, suggested powerful content to match our targeted customer profile and gave us a quick start on using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to get the data and insightful information from the website. This really helps us to jump start the online marketing we need. When thinking about online marketing, Digihype is a friend indeed!
Krisda Tatiyakavee
T52 Asset Co., Ltd.
Sites of the Month – August 2019 block44condo
Block 44 Condominium is a 7-story residential condominium project in Bangkok. The agency responsible for this website started this project from scratch: from the company’s logo through branding to corporate identity.

The website designer infused a young vibe into this project with various elements that reflect an urban trendy lifestyle. First of all, they gave an interesting perspective to the building and created an exceptional look that reminds us of houses from animated movies. On top of that, they created compositions of texts and images perfectly complementing each other. The copy fits the images and is also drawn from the urban tech world, targeting young people
Matan Naveh
Elementor's Magazine editor
We have been working with Digihype for many years. Our website www.dolcecondo.com was designed and completed by Digihype. They also have provided great works and professional services with creative ideas. They also understand deeply with SEO works and website platform with help us a lots with develop strong based website. They do understand what client needs. Make difficult things become more easy for us.
Namrin Vorakullattanee
Managing Director
Belive Consultant Co.,ltd

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